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Whats this blog about and who I am

I have an uncommon biography; more than a decade ago when I came to Berlin, I wanted to become a film director but ended up being a Physics and Machine learning Ph.D. student. During this time, I’ve worked as a graphic designer and an audio engineer, studied physics, worked as a student tutor for freshmen, gave math lessons at an orphanage and wrote two thesis’s about climate change and the Arctic ice cover.

After finishing my Master’s in physics, I decided to stay in science and landed a Ph.D. at the Technical University of Berlin where I started to look into how A.I. is learning and how it can help us to solve problems in physics.

As of now, I am working as a research assistant at the Max-Born-Institute Berlin where I continue my Ph.D.; I use advanced statistical inference algorithms and apply them to large datasets obtained from experiments conducted in my group. My approaches include using neural networks (CNN, RNN), non-linear dimensionality reduction (t-SNE, UMAP) and unsupervised clustering techniques (GAN, VAE, DBSCAN). My work is mainly focused on how to make sense out of the vast amount of data we’re obtaining during these experiments; also see the research section.

As for my hobbies, I am a musician, writer, runner, reader and struggling human who is very lucky, to be the frontman of the coolest rock band in Berlin, and very contemplative, about this world and their inhabitants. I had classical training as a singer in my youth and play guitar on a relatively mediocre level. I am a very political person and a nerd and try to combine these two properties for this blog.

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