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Whats this blog about and who I am

I am a trained graphic designer and audio engineer who also has a Master of Science in physics. Right now I am working as a physics/machine-learning PhD student at the Max-Born-Institute (MBI) in Berlin, Germany.

Following my interests I focus my studies on theoretical and computational physics with an emphasis on machine-learning and its applicability within physics. At the MBI I use advanced machine learning algorithms with large data sets obtained during coherent diffraction imaging (CDI) experiments. These experiments are conducted in my group either at large FEL facilities like FLASH in Hamburg, FERMI in Trieste or the LCLS in Stanford or inhouse here at the MBI with an HHG laser system. See also research.

My work is mainly focused on how to make sense out of the vast amount of data we’re obtaining during these experiments. My daily routine involves various statistical and machine learning tools ranging from simple clustering algorithms to neural network approaches.

I will write about all of these topics with the goal to provide clear and accessible explanations for complex problems. So in the end:

This blog is about people learning about machines learning about people.

Mail: [email protected]
Twitter: jules_carpenter
Github: julian-carpenter
LinkedIn: Julian Zimmermann